To better use YouCompleteMe in Vim, I switched from SnipMate to UltiSnips, because UltiSnips can be integrated into YCM. I also installed snippets since UltiSnips offers an engine only.

Plugin 'SirVer/ultisnips'
Plugin 'honza/vim-snippets'

But after I installed it with Vundle, it didn’t work correctly. It only load ‘all’ filetype snippets. You can check this by typing


in Vim. If only ‘all.snippets’ appears, then here is the problem.

Then I searched internet, finally I got answer below. The problem is caused by Vundle. Vundle installed UltiSnips has a different file directory structure, thus file type detection is disabled. To fix this, we need to build soft link to proper directories.

mkdir -p ~/.vim/after/plugin
ln -s ~/.vim/bundle/UltiSnips/after/plugin/* ~/.vim/after/plugin
mkdir ~/.vim/ftdetect
ln -s ~/.vim/bundle/UltiSnips/ftdetect/* ~/.vim/ftdetect